I am in love with Del.icio.us

I recently got introduced to Del.Icio.Us for managing my bookmarks. Maxthon(www.maxthon.com) my previous browser had a free online bookmarking service. The service was good but not great. Del.icio.us however kicks ass. I have tried Windows Live Favorites(note to MS: Can we just use this without the MSN toolbar!! I don’t want to lose real estate just to bookmark items) , StumbleUpon but somehow it didn’t feel as intuitive as Del.Icio.Us. I hate browser toolbars and think they are visually appalling!

Here are the steps:

Create an account (http://del.icio.us/)

Download the IE toolbar buttons (http://del.icio.us/help/ie/extension)

And start Bookmarking

There are a couple of icons that are completely unobtrusive and silently help in spreading the knowledge around.

Facebook integration of your bookmarks reeks of all the elements of Web 2.0( Hey! My friends really need to know my fetish for …. (fill the blank here) ) , but it is cool that the functionality is available for those that need it

While you are there checkout my bookmarks (http://del.icio.us/s_shankar)


To bookmark a page, simply click on the Tag toolbar button

Type in some notes. Del.Icio.Us will look at your existing bookmark tags and will show some options. You can choose those or categorize them as you see fit.

Click on “Do Not Share” if your bookmark is one of those fetishes!




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