My Inbox and My Calendar webparts MOSS 2007

I ran into this issue the other day, where the My Inbox and My Calendar webparts in MOSS 2007 did not display properly.  The users were getting HTTP 404 errors within the web parts.  After some tinkering with the URL here is what we found to work

  • Set the URL to https://<OWAURL>/exchange
  • Add this URL to the Trusted Sites Zone within IE – This can be pushed to clients using Group Policy
  • Now set the mailbox information[ <username> for mailbox and <username> for the calendar within the web part.

This helped solve the issue



6 Responses to My Inbox and My Calendar webparts MOSS 2007

  1. Chris says:

    I have My Calendar and My Inbox webparts on MySite. Seems to be working but there are 2 issues. 1st issue is when you bring up your MySite page you see the web mail log in for My Calendar add My Inbox. Once you log in, you are fine but you have to do this every time. I have added my web address to my Trusted Intranet Sites and that didnt seem to make a difference. I always have to log in just like I was logging into our webmail. 2nd issue is the calendar doesn’t show up properly. It looks like the webmail calendar and it shows the ENTIRE daily view instead of just the upcoming appts like I have seen in many example screen shots. I have checked with Exchange and I dont see any options where I can make changes to the view. I have also checked sharepoint settings and it seems to be set up the way the books, how to articles I have read. Not sure if anyone has any suggestions for me to try but any help would be appreciated.

  2. Frank says:

    Same problem happens to my website to… tought it sharepoint had a single sign on, on its webparts…

  3. gczman says:

    I have tried this, but still no luck. Something to do with https…I always have to log into my inbox or calendar webparts.

  4. sgtpham says:

    I added the exchange site as a trusted site and select to automotically use windows login with current user name and password.

  5. Kei Himekawa says:

    @Chris: The same thing happened to me. The whole mail exchange was displayed. It appeared like a page view webpart rather than “My Inbox” 😦

  6. Thomas says:

    I have the same question. Is it possible to automatically have the My Inbox webpart automatically sign in as the signed in user from SharePoint? I don’t want to myself or other users to have to log in twice to see SharePoint and their Exchange mailbox. Is there a way to set the secure store service to pull this in?

    Any suggestions or custom ways to get this to work would be awesome.

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