SharePoint Single Signon Error 0x8063064a

Our environment had 2 front end servers with MOSS 2007. The single sign-on service was leveraged within the web parts and everything worked fine on one server. However the following message was found in the event log on the second front-end server.

Event Type:    Error

Event Source:    Office SharePoint Server

Event Category:    SSO

Event ID:    6494

Date:        7/1/2008

Time:        2:43:21 PM

User:        N/A


The Microsoft Single Sign-on (SSOSrv) service failed to store credentials for user <DOMAIN\UserName>, enterprise application definition postini. The error returned was 0x8063064a. For more information, see the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Software Development Kit (SDK).


The Microsoft Single Sign-On Service was running as “LocalSystem” on the second server. Once we changed that to run as the MOSS 2007 application pool account, everything started working back as usual.

3 Responses to SharePoint Single Signon Error 0x8063064a

  1. nattuthurai says:

    Hi sai sankar, Can you please tell me how did you implement single sing on for postini in sharepoint environment. My client is asking this requirement. I’m expecting your help. you can contact me via my mail


    • Sai Shankar says:

      Hey Nattuthurai
      You will need to take the username and password and do a FORM POST to the Postini site. The username and password will need to be stored in the SSO service. Write a web part that automatically retrieves the current credentials, and post the credentials in the code behind to the Postiini login page

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