Sharepoint – Managing Access Requests email

The SharePoint administrator for our client recently changed teams. She was still receiving all the access request emails and wanted us to move it to another user. This took quite a bit of snooping around, since the option is not available front and center in the Site Settings page. We looked at all the security groups and checked to see if there were any access request emails set up on the groups. All those groups looked fine, but she was still getting those emails. Then we looked at the site permissions and sure enough there was an option under Settings called Access Requests with her email in it.


6 Responses to Sharepoint – Managing Access Requests email

  1. Dennis Black says:

    Thanks.. was poking around for a bit and just decide to google it instead. It’s not listed like it used to be under the User and Permissions section as it was in the past.

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  4. Sam says:

    Nice, but when i click on “Request Access” link nothing happens. any idea? pls reply to mail

  5. Larry W. Virden says:

    The whole “ownership” of sharepoint sites is so frustrating. There is the site collection owner – which may have nothing to do whatsoever with the group within the site collection. Up to two people can be assigned to this via the Central Administration application. Then the default for individual sites has an owner group – which typically gives everyone full control. Then there is the access request handling, which you have described above, which hopefully is someone with full control to be able to grant permissions. There’s probably some other bits through the system of someone who can grant privs but which are not obviously connected to the site.
    It would be so nice to have all of these available on the site settings page.

  6. John Anderson says:

    Thanks a lot for the tip! Helped out a lot!

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