6 Things that you think will work in SharePoint but doesnt

  1. When you have a Gantt view of the Task List, Web part connections are unavailable.  Hence you cant filter a Gantt View using the Filter Web Parts
  2. DateTime columns cannot be used for Grouping in the Content Query Web Part out of the box
  3. You cannot use the PortalSiteMapProvider to retrieve Navigation items from another site collection
  4. If you have a Date Column in a List, it cannot be used as a Lookup Column on another List
  5. If you activate a Feature on a site and then save it as a Site template and create a new site from this template, the FeatureActivated code doesnt fire
  6. You cannot write back to a List from Excel 2007.  This was available in Excel 2003. You will need Access for writing back to a List from Office (Update: Refer to WorkerThread’s link below for an add-in)

If you have any more of these oddities, please post in the comments and I will update this list

Edit: When you use the Content Migration APIs to copy lists and libraries from one farm to another, person fields do not copy over correctly

4 Responses to 6 Things that you think will work in SharePoint but doesnt

  1. Rene says:

    You can not copy a person column value to a other person column in our SP farm. You can not fill a person column with a item of the address book on our SP farm. You have to use a valid email address to set a person column in a workflow. No one knows why. It worked months before….

  2. workerthread says:

    Item 6 on your list – you can download an add-in here http://bit.ly/xl2007list

  3. Alex says:

    You cannot use multi-lookup fields in the content query web part.

  4. EricE says:

    Perhaps I’m still missing it (definetly a SharePoint noob) but I don’t see the concept of an Author that the often-derided product Lotus Notes has.

    Basically it’s a security level that allows a user to edit any content they create, but only read content they haven’t created. It’s an extremly usefull concept and I haven’t yet discoverd an easy way to replicate it in SharePoint.

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