SharePoint Capacity Planning Whitepaper

Recent Forrester research studies have indicated that 61%of all organizations are considering or are currently implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) for their enterprise portal needs. Coupled with the fact that almost 40% of IT projects fail for one reason or another, a strong foundation for your portal initiative is important to ensure a successful implementation.

In most organizations, SharePoint is a mission critical application responsible for driving business productivity; therefore, it is important to make certain that the operating environment can scale with the business while matching user expectations. A successful SharePoint implementation will need to answer the following questions:

  • What is the minimum amount of hardware needed to deploy SharePoint?
  • Will my SharePoint environment scale to support the business requirements?
  • What is the optimum server topology to support my user base?
  • What are the licensing options?
  • What are the usage metrics that will require the business to add additional hardware?

Capacity Planning targeted to your specific environment provides answers to these questions and helps in determining the environment needed for your SharePoint implementation. In this white paper, we will explore the various considerations for performing a Capacity Planning exercise and identify the components needed to determine your optimal infrastructure.

Click here to download the whitepaper


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