Leveraging the Cloud as your application development platform

Imagine that you are an electronics retailer and on Cyber Monday every year and around Christmas your website needs to handle 15M+ transactions in a day.  You would need to make sure that your environment can scale to handle the load while minimizing your CAPEX and OPEX. Microsoft’s Windows Azure is a Platform as a Service solution that provides businesses the flexibility to scale their platforms up/down based on demand.

Here is a quick primer on Windows Azure

We recently delivered a webinar on the benefits of Windows Azure and how it could fit with your long term application development strategy.

Click here for the webinar on Windows Azure

Driving IT efficiency by moving to the Cloud

The cloud is now on every IT Strategist’s mind.  There are many flavors of the cloud, Public, Private, Hybrid, Outsourced etc.  Microsoft’s newest offering, Office 365 allows organizations to move their critical services like Exchange, IM & SharePoint to the cloud.  There are multiple versions available and each organization must assess their internal readiness and develop an usage profile to identify the right flavor of cloud for them,

At the recently concluded SharePoint conference Jesus Salazar & I  presented on “Driving Efficiency & Innovation by moving to Office 365”.  In this session we focused on the differences between the various flavors of Office 365 and how to choose the version that is right for your organization

You can view the slideshare presentation here

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