MOSS 2007 ULS Logs Folder in 12 Hive is Empty!


The Microsoft VHD for MOSS 2007 is a great time saver.  You can download the VHD from here

Download MOSS 2007 VHD

I am working on a demo for BDC and ran into some issues.  As usual when I looked at the 12 hive folder there were no logs.  Not a single log file.  I logged into the Central Admin Console and setup the Logging parameters and still nothing. 

I thought this might be related to the Timer service being corrupted and hence restarted the timer as well to no avail.

Poking through the services, I noticed that the Windows SharePoint Services Tracing service was disabled.  I set the service to Automatic start and the logs started to fill up.  It makes sense to disable this in a VHD by default, but a valuable lesson was learned. When some one else builds an MOSS 2007 image, do not assume all the services are on!

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