Windows 7 Bluetooth drivers download–Toshiba chipset

If you recently bought a Bluetooth dongle, you may have experienced significant frustration with the out of the box Windows 7 Bluetooth driver.  I could not get the A2DP profiles to work and the Windows 7 wouldn’t allow me to setup local PAN connections.

So, I returned my cheap $2 dongle and bought a Kensington Bluetooth dongle with the Toshiba chipset.  This dongle comes with a great set of drivers and an application to setup multiple profiles.  If you have a Toshiba Bluetooth chipset you can download the drivers from here.

Unzip the x32 and x64 files and run setup.exe and enjoy the Bluetooth goodness!

Download Toshiba Bluetooth drivers

iPhone MTP USB Device driver issue

I reinstalled Windows 7 this weekend. This time I have decided not to install iTunes or QuickTime or any software from Apple on my main Windows machine. That said, I do want to access the pictures on my iPhone through Windows. After the reinstall, my iPhone wasnt recognized by the OS and it gave me an error about “Unable to install MTP USB device”. The fix is to go into the Device Manager, Uninstall the “Unknown MTP device” and scan for hardware changes. Windows 7 enumerated the devices and recognized the iPhone without any issues. A day without iTunes is a good computing day!

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