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As a Practice Area Leader at Slalom Consulting I am responsible for Engagement Management, People development & providing Strategic Business and IT Consulting for Fortune 500 firms. I have managed and architected large IT implementations on the Microsoft platform, with a specialization in Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration, Service Oriented Architecture planning and eCommerce solutions.

This blog is an attempt to share my experiences at work.  I believe that knowledge should be free, so please feel free to use all the content in this site however applicable and wherever applicable. However if you decide to link back to this site, that will be well appreciated.

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4 Responses to About Me

  1. Cis says:

    I’ve created a connection to a web service…
    Service description location: http://…._vti_bin/search.asmx?WSDL
    Service Name: QueryServiceSoap
    Address: same as location
    Operation: Query
    Name: queryXml
    Value: urn:Microsoft.Search.Response.Document.Document 1400truetrue truetruetruetruetrue

    I am not able to “Show Data” However, I am able to see the data using SharePoint Seach Service Tool. Any help/suggestions/ideas will be appreciated. Thank You!!

    Version: SharePoint Designer 2007

  2. naresh says:

    Hi.. I am having the same problem.. did you solve this problem Cis? i have the following issue…

    I am struggling in displaying the “showdata” after passing the queryex to the search webservice in sharepoint designer .I am getting the following error

    ” The server returned a non-specific error when trying to get data from the data source. check the format and content of your query and try again.if the problem persists,contact the server administrator”

    i searched many threds,could not find any solution. please respond MVP’s and geeks.
    i can retrieve the results using the tool


    provided by Shankar’s musings article


    here is my queryEx:
    urn:Microsoft.Search.Response.Document:Document select preferredname,Title, Path, Description, Write, Rank,Size from scope() where “scope” = ‘people’ order by preferredname ASC1100truetruetruetruetruetruetrue

    and i also can see the result query by using this code in visual studio webreference program.. this is the program i used for debugging:

    class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
    sharepointdev.QueryService qs = new ConsoleApplication2.sharepointdev.QueryService();
    qs.PreAuthenticate = false;
    qs.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
    DataSet ds = new DataSet();
    //string ds;
    ds = qs.QueryEx(@” urn:Microsoft.Search.Response.Document:Document select preferredname,Title, Path, Description, Write, Rank,Size from scope() where “”scope”” = ‘people’ order by preferredname ASC11000truetruetruetruetruetruetrue”);


    I have also checked the query by directly passing it to queryex method in query service.
    and I do get the result set.

    all i need is to get the result set once i clik on show data in sharepoint designer. have followed this article and can not see the result after repated trails in every possible way.

    seems like problem is with the sharepoint designer. I have even tried with the sharepoint support link:

    but has no luck

    any suggestions or help is much much appreciated….
    can somebody please help me. naresh

  3. Brian says:


    Would you be able to assist me in getting my query to work for the Employee Directory Web part? I’ve tried the legacy SharePoint Search Query tool and the newer SharePoint search service tool with the same results. I keep getting the “query is malformed” error message.

    Using the newer tool, I see my scopes as configured on SharePoint – and I don’t think I should be using the “people” scope. Our profile import is under another SSP if that helps.


  4. Dr Gregory Uppington says:

    Hi Shankar

    I would like to thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into your knowledge. Your experience and understanding is easily apparent in your posts, which have assisted me greatly in my work.

    Thanking you

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